M2Games Latam potenciará al Encuentro Latinoamericano en GDC

M2Games Latam
Mario Valle Reyes, Altered Ventures LLC; Regina Chamma, Google; Josh Curtis, Chartboost and Eduardo, Movile in the latest edition of LMS2017

The traditional and successful M2Games Latam conference will add your valuable experience to the 4th Latin Encounter at GDC , to be held on February 28 in Silicon Valley. GDC will begin on February 27 until March 3.

According to a Newzoo report, by the end of this year, 38 percent of the gaming market will come from the mobile industry and revenues will reach about 553.9 million dollars. 

The synergy of both organizers will potentiate this meeting that seeks to gather and concentrate the community of the Region, within the framework of one of the international games events for the most important mobile in the industry.

The games in all its forms and formats are present in a variety of industries such as mobile, advertising, marketing and education.

The Latin American Encounter at GDC is a space to create alliances and strengthen the video game industry in the region. The event brings together great exponents of the continent to share, know and forge future projects, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The achievements and opportunities facing the global market, the development processes and the creation of partnerships will be recurring themes during the event.

The meeting will have panels of sponsors and discussion on topics related to business models and trends for the monetization of this content; Opportunities and particularities of the Latin market; Keys to be inserted successfully in the dynamics of Latin America; As well as the possibilities that have today the developers of the Region to penetrate in international markets. The complete offer with rounds of business and intense networking activities.

The meeting is aimed at companies of platforms, software, brand owners, mobile content, operators, investors and mobile developers.

For more information: anamaria@frecuenciaonline.com


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