La inteligencia artificial avanza también en Latinoamérica

Artificial intelligence

The intelligence artificia l applied to both companies and any organization is conviertiendo in an increasingly palpable option in Latin America.

Last week, Cognitiva, the company responsible for bringing IBM Watson’s cognitive computing solutions to Latin America, held an event in Argentina in which the latest advances in this direction were made.

The Cognitive Ecosystem helps developers and entrepreneurs integrate IBM Watson into their developments and applications. 


Cognitive solutions are systems capable of understanding, reasoning and learning. They can capture information and learn from any type of data – structured and unstructured; Reasoning with meaning, developing hypotheses to solve complex problems; And interact with natural language to bring that knowledge to professionals in industries such as banking, health and retail, among others. According to IDC, 50% of consumers will interact with systems based on solutions of this type.
IBM Watson can ingest 800 million pages of information per second and will be trained to recognize the diverse accents of the region.  
Along the same lines, Cognitiva closed an  alliance with Genexus, a software development company.

Genexus incorporated in version 15 of its development suite an SDK that integrates the capabilities of IBM Watson.



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